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boon. is a payment app for smartphones. The app communicates by near field communication (NFC) with point-of-sale terminals at retail outlets. To pay using boon. you simply position your smartphone 1 cm above the display of the payment terminal or use the boon. card for online shopping.

  • Secure, easy, contactless payment by smartphone
  • View all transactions
  • Retailer does not see your bank or credit card details
  • boon. can be used immediately after you download the app
  • Easy to recharge by credit card
  • boon. can be used with all mobile network providers

The boon. card is a new feature which allows you to make payments online using boon. Once you have activated the boon. card in your app, a credit card number incl. CVC code and expiry date is displayed, which you can use as normal during checkout while shopping online. The amount charged is deducted from your boon. balance.

Press the ‘+’ button in the boon. app and select ‘Online Payments’. For security reasons, you will need to enter your password to access this feature. Once you have accepted the updated Terms & Conditions, your boon. card will be generated. Please do not close the app during this time and make sure that you are connected to the Internet. To make payments online, your boon. card needs to be activated.

See here for an overview of the costs, maximum balance and top up limits.

The boon. app is available at the Google Play Store for all NFC-compatible smartphones, which run Android 4.4 or higher.

You can use boon. to pay at any NFC-compatible point-of-sale terminal which accepts Mastercard. You can also use your boon. Card for online shopping.

boon. Card provides you a card number and CVC that you can use during the online checkout process.

You can recognise an NFC-compatible point-of-sale terminal because it has an NFC symbol NFC Symbol on it. The symbol may be on the top, on the side, or depicted as a small image on the display, depending on the point-of-sale terminal. Some shops also have a PayPass logo at the entrance.

You can pay using boon. at NFC-compatible terminals in two ways:

  • Open the app, tap on the white ‘Tap & Pay’ area and then enter your PIN, or unlock the app using your fingerprint (Android 6.0 or later). Then hold your smartphone around 1 cm away from the payment terminal display until the payment process is complete
  • Alternatively, you can open the app and hold your smartphone directly against the terminal. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN or unlock your phone using your fingerprint. Then hold your smartphone against the terminal again. Based on experience, some terminals do not support this version. Please use the first version in this case.

Yes, you can use boon. at any NFC-compatible point-of-sale terminal at home or abroad provided it accepts MasterCard.
In Germany and Spain, due to specific legal requirements, boon. BASIC may only be used for domestic transactions.

No, it is not possible to withdraw money from cash machines using boon.

Yes, you can pay using boon. even if your mobile data or Wi-Fi reception is deactivated. Each payment transaction utilises a prior generated code which, for security reasons, can only be used once. You can complete five payment transactions in offline mode before requiring an Internet connection again to generate new codes.

Your boon. app will notify you as soon as you have only one payment transaction left.


You can contact the boon. service team by e-mail or telephone.

To ensure that we are speaking with the boon. account owner, our service team will ask you for your first and last name, your mobile phone number and the answer to your security question.


Yes, the minimum age is 18.

To register you just need to enter your telephone number, a password of your choice, a PIN and a security question.

For security and legal reasons, you can only top up your boon. account if you have entered valid personal information.

You can upgrade to boon. PLUS for free via the app or by sending an email to the service team. To upgrade, you need to submit documents for your address and identity verification.

Address verification:

You can submit one colour scanned or photographed copy of the original documents


Two online documents / monthly statements from two different providers that you may have received via email. Screenshots cannot be accepted as proof, nor can documents older than 3 months.

Please choose from the following documents:

  • Identity card (front and back of the card; it should have your address on it)
  • Bill (e.g. electricity, landline, water) or letter from your utility provider; mobile phone bills are not accepted.
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Judicial order (e.g. execution of a will, letter from an insolvency administrator)
  • Proof of official benefits (e.g. housing allowance, tax credit, pension payment)
  • Registration certificate

Documents that can be up to 12 months old:

  • Tax assessment from the tax office
  • Residence permit
  • Application for local taxes (Spain only)

Identity verification:

Please provide us with a colour scanned or photographed copy of one of the documents listed below (all four corners of the document must be visible):

  • Passport
  • Identity card (cannot be used to verify identity if being used to verify address)
  • Driving licence (must have an expiry date)

It may take up to 48 business hours to verify your documents and upgrade. You will receive a push notification when your account is upgraded to boon. PLUS.

My Account

In the Log-in area choose ‘Forgotten password?’ To reset your password you have to answer the security question which you chose when you registered. You will then receive a new password via SMS which you can use to log in on a single-use basis. After that you can enter a new password.

To change your password, open the ‘My profile’ menu item (top left), then select ‘Settings’ and ‘Change password’.

Please contact the service team and our staff will gladly help you reset your PIN.

To change your PIN, open the ‘My profile’ menu item (top left), then select ‘Settings’ and ‘Change PIN’.

For security reasons the PIN number is not saved within the app. That´s why you are asked to set a new PIN from time to time.

You can open your transaction history using a button at the top-right of the boon. app. You can narrow down the history to certain periods of time using the Calendar icon.

You can top up boon. by MasterCard or Visa credit card or bank transfer.
Please note that it is not possible to top up using a prepaid card. The advantage of using a credit card is that the funds will be available immediately, whereas in the case of a transfer, it can take up to two days for the funds to be available. To top up your boon. account by credit card, you need to enter your details manually or scan your card. If you have not yet registered your card for 3D Secure, we recommend doing this in advance via your bank’s website. For security reasons, you can only use credit cards that support 3D Secure to top up your boon. account.

Yes, if you are a boon. PLUS user, you can send money to and receive money from other boon. PLUS users. To use this feature, just tap ‘+’ on the home screen and then ‘Send money’. You can then select a recipient by choosing their email address or mobile number.

You will find the limits for sending and receiving money on our fees and limits page.

As a boon. BASIC customer, you can only receive transfers from accounts in your name. As a boon. PLUS customer, you can also receive transfers from third-party accounts.

3D Secure is a security standard used for credit card transactions. This authentication procedure ensures that the legal card holder and the legal retailer are the participants in a transaction. It effectively reduces the risk of fraud. If you as a credit card holder are registered with the 3D Secure process by one of its registration methods, then you will see an entry page belonging to your bank while recharging, in which you have to enter your password. Only with the correct password, which is known exclusively to you and your bank, will the payment be processed.

Yes, but as soon as you register a credit card you can also set up automatic recharging. Once you have done this, boon. will be recharged to a specified level as soon as you drop down to the credit limit you specify.

Open the boon. app and check your credit level, and check your Internet connection as well as the number of codes you have left available. You should also check that NFC is activated. Many smartphones deactivate their NFC signal as soon as their screen-lock comes on or if you switch to flight mode. On some models the NFC antenna is on the front of the phone, so you have to hold the front towards the terminal. If after that you are still experiencing problems with payment, please contact our service team.

You can find an overview for fees, maximum credit, and limits for recharge here.

boon. is not tied to any particular smartphone. Because identification is done using your phone number, changing your mobile phone is not a problem. As soon as you have installed boon. on a new smartphone (Android 4.4 or higher) you will be able to register using your existing access details.

If you do that you can easily change your user name (which for boon. is your mobile number) with our service team.

Reserved amounts are amounts that have been ‘set aside’ by the retailer but not yet deducted. You won’t usually see these amounts, but sometimes it can take a long time for a transaction to be completed.

It can take several minutes for promotional offers (e.g. a cashback) to appear in the app.

You can terminate your boon. account via mail or email at any time. Please use the service team’s contact possibilities for the termination. In order to close your account, please share the following information with us:

  • The answer to your security question
  • Your mobile phone number

Once terminated, your account cannot be reopened.


Contactless payment involves the same high security features as payment using chip cards. Every payment is transmitted in encrypted form technology.

Yes, you have to enter your PIN for your own security, just like when you pay with an debit card If your smartphone finds its way into someone else’s hands, PIN entry offers additional protection for your credit. That is why you have to enter your PIN every time you make a payment.

When you register, a prepaid account is set up in the background. For this reason money is not stored on your device as it is in chip cards or cash cards.

Password and PIN provide the first line of defence, but if you do lose your phone or have it stolen you should close your boon. account as quickly as possible using the Service Team’s emergency hotline:
00800 94 73 22 70

You can temporarily deactivate your boon. card at any time in the app. To permanently lock your boon. card or to obtain new card details, please contact our service team.

No, you cannot log in using more than one smartphone at the same time. There can only be one active device at any one time. This minimises the risk of your boon. account being hacked if your mobile number and password find their way into the wrong hands.

Here you can read our data privacy declaration.


NFC stands for ‘near field communication’ and is an international standard used to exchange data between two terminal devices without a direct cable connection.

HCE (a software technology) stands for ‘host card emulation’ and is the current standard in most Android devices from 4.4 upwards. The HCE standard offers a means of securely encrypting any data that is sent.